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    This is so cool . How did you do it ? I was trying to do the same thing . All the four images are amazing though i was trying to make the second one . Could you please tell how ?

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    1. pull both images into Photoshop, keeping them as separate layers.

    2. bring the biohazard to the foreground and select the magic wand

    3. set the tolerance. (you will have to play around to get the one you want) but i used a tolerance of 50 for the second one.

    4. Click on the black in the biohazard layer. it will select all that is black.

    5. Hit the delete button (backspace on PC). this should clear all the black from the layer. (There was some red in the top left of this image and i needed to go to the eraser and get it out of there)

    6. position the biohazard where ever you want it.

    7. Enjoy learning something new.

    any other questions, or are not sure exactly what i did in any of the above steps, please feel free to ask.

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    Thanks for replying . How do you open both the images at the same time in two seperate layers ? And how do i bring the biohazard image to the foreground ?
    I opened them both by File > Open , i didn't get you how to open both images in seperate layers . Please if you could write the steps required to do that also .

    I also need to unlock the transparent pixels on biohazard image right ?

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    what version of Photoshop are you using? I will tell you how i did it in CS2 (I know it works in CS and 7 also)

    open both files. select the move tool (v) and grab the biohazard pic and drag it over to the background pic. Photoshop will drop it on on top. open your layers window. you will notice that the biohazard layer is on top (what ever is on top will be your front layer) then use the magic wand tool.

    you will not need to unlock anything on either layer for this particular project.

    I hope i have been helpful. and as always please feel free to ask me any questions you have
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    Yes , i am using Photoshop CS2 and your solution worked for me . Thanks a lot . What is the tolerance in magic wand tool used for and how to set it seperately for the two layers ?

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    You can use what ever you want. And it is not set per layer, it is set per click. every time you click the magic wand, you can adjust the tolerance.

    hope this helps clarify!

    as always feel free to ask me any questions and i will help where i can
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    Thanks for your help and patience . :}

    I have this image , the link is here :

    In this image i want to remove the text written in the red box and leave only Kamikaze written in the red box . So , how can i do this ?

    Also , how to insert text in that red box and if i want to change the color of that red box to some other color , how can that be done ?

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    Ok so i pulled it in to PS. I first selected the letters (all of them at the same time with the rectangular marquee tool (m) and left click>create layer via cut. then use the magic wand, on the letters to take out the rest of the red. (make sure you are on the layer that has the letters) then I went to Layer>new Layer in that new layer make a square with the rectangular marquee tool (m) and then use the paint bucket to fill it in what ever color you would want. Then bring the layer with the "Kamikaze" text to the top of your layers window. Now just select the horizontal type Tool (T) and type what ever you want. where you want it, and you can move and adjust this when you are done typing by hitting Apple + T (mac) or control + T (on PC) hope this helped. and as usual, please let me know if you have any questions.

    here is one i did real quick.

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    It really helped and I was able to do it , Thanks . Nice text , you've inserted in the photo , ;} .

    I have a photo and I want to remove the text Suicide Commando in the photo but still maintain the same background . How can I do that ? And how can I replace it with some other text ,, Is it possible to delete the text and replicate the background from other parts of the photo in this region .

    Here is the photo

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