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    does the word "refurbished" mean "crap"

    so, alright, as i've said before, i think that a blind monkey could take better pictures with it's butt than i can. those are just the facts. but, i have so much pent up cool looking stuff at the animal rescue that i work at, you know alligators and deer and owls, fun stuff, and i really wanna capture it.
    now, i'm not saying i've NEVER taken a good picture. but i wanna be professional.
    i've got THE worst camera in the world right now. it doesn't let you do anything manually. no fstop. no shutter speed. the nikon makes all your choices for you. and it sucks at doing so.
    so i wanna buy a nice one, and i saw a fuji av130 on amazon, and it's concerningly cheap bc it's "REFURBISHED" (dun dun dun)
    that means "broken and fixed again"? it's twelve mp and it has fivex zoom, and most importantly, it'll let ME decide what i wanna do with the light, which is what i need.

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    Well, that kinda depends. On one hand, yes it probably does mean that something was wrong with it and it's been fixed. On the other hand, if it's been properly refurbished then there's a good chance it's actually a very good unit because it will have been individually worked on and tested. A new factory model won't have been individually tested so there's actually some advantage in the refurbished model.

    The big question is what exactly is meant by "refurbished". Was it done by a qualified professional or some unqualified previous owner? Unless it's a certified refurbishment I think it's the same sort of gamble you take when buying any used item.
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    I agree with Dave in knowing who/where the refurbishment was performed. If it is factory refurbished with the warranty intact, I would take the gamble only if it is a piece of equipment that I am NOT in need of to use asap. In the event, it still doesn't work, you do need to bring it back for a refund or exchange.... That is the gamble - cheaper price vs. returning the item.

    You don't want to take a chance if it's something you'll need to use right away without fail. However, you can still get a bad piece even if it is new.

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    I am fully agree with Dave that it depends on how are you going to use it in your sentence!


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