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    new kid on the block: my video and photography life.

    I formally introduce myself to you all. My names are Femi Ademola-Gordon. I am into video and photography productions. I cover majorly weddings and other events. I have not attended any type of training on this, though i look forward to doing so. Photography and video has been my hobby right from childhood. I have learnt to survive the job of covering events, and i try to improve my production on every job. I started by going out to search for jobs and calling other people to do the coverage for me. After few embarassing moments from those guys. I decided to do the jobs by myself. My first job was quite okay. I was not paid a dime. I had to beg the organiser to let me cover the event for free. I rented a camera, coverd the job, took it for editing, submitted the job, all out of my pocket and I thanked the Lady for letting me cover the wedding for free. I am still grateful to her till today, I have done so many jobs after then, I own two panasonic md 10000 cameras, 2 Nikon D40 cameras and i try to deliver my jobs with perfection. My clients are happy but I am not satisfied. I still want to improve more on my jobs. I have tried to contact some film schools in South africa and other places but the fees they charge are just too much. I have resigned to learn om my own.In that process I discoverd this site. It is a blessing to me.I am totally new and I hope all the gurus and professionals will please show me the way! God bless you all

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. Many people are in the same situation as you - it's a difficult way to learn but it can be done. Doing "freebies" is, in my opinion, an acceptable way to get experience. Some people don't like it when you do freebies (they see it as unfair competition) but I think it's okay. As long as the client fully understands what they're getting, there shouldn't be any problems. I myself did a number of free weddings when I was young and I made it very clear that I was doing it for practice - if they wanted a professional job then they needed to hire an experienced professional. With me they were taking the risk of getting nothing. Just make sure you get that in writing so there are no arguments later!

    As far as your general improvement goes, I recommend sharing your work with others so you can get feedback. If possible, ask some of your clients for permission to post the finished product (or part of it) on the Internet for the purpose of getting constructive feedback. Get a YouTube account or some other way to upload videos, then come back here and show us what you've done. This is a very good way to get better.

    I like your attitude to self improvement. Keep it up and you'll do well.
    Dave Owen


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