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Thread: Just saying hi

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    Just saying hi

    Having to make a post - or as admin tells me next week I'll be deleted.

    I mostly come here to read and learn which is why I've never posted before.

    Sorry to have bothered anyone but I didn't want to lose my account just because I've not posted... LOL!

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    Thanks for that. Actually you didn't have to post a message - just logging in would have done the trick. Unfortunately I didn't exactly do a stellar job of getting that bulk email right so I'm not surpised that I didn't make myself clear. Anyway, thanks for dropping by

    EDIT: Yes, I've just re-read the second email I sent. What I should have said was "we'll only be deleting accounts that have never posted a message and not logged in for three years." Yikes, what a mess that email was. Sorry about that.

    BTW the only reason we're doing this is because of the spammers. Sadly, about 80% of the registrations at this forum are from spammers. We delete most of them as they happen and none of them are ever able to post messages due to our pre-moderation system, but over a few years we do build up a few thousand dormant accounts made by spammers. Hence the cleanout every few years.
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