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    Save Optimised As...

    First off, I would like to thank Dave for his FANTASTIC tutorial. I have now made my first animated icon *snifflesniffle* (so proud) lol.

    Thing is though, when I click Save Optimised As, the only options I get are:

    1) HTML and Images (*html)
    2) Images Only (*jpg)
    3) HTML Only (*html)

    I've tried to take it to Photoshop to save it as a .gif, but yeah... Photoshop doesn't support animations. I've also tried opening it up in IE and trying to re-save it from there... but when I tried, it just opened up Photoshop because it's saved as a .psd.


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    Not sure how this will help. Opened a small .psd file cut a circle for layer. Clicked the handy little PS to ImageReady button on the toolbox. Moved the circle left and right to make a move. Hit Save Optimized As... And here is what I got.
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    That's what I got except my "Images Only" had a (*jpg) instead of (*gif). I made another one and it saved as .gif... Open up something that's already an animation... One that's saved as a .psd and see if maybe that's the problem... I don't think that you can save a .psd as a .gif...

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    This had me stumped but I think I may have found the answer. Open your "Optimize" palette (Window > Optimize) and I'll bet it's set to JPEG. Change it to GIF and see what happens.
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    Dave Owen


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