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    I am new and I have a few questions.

    I have been making videos for many years now and have just decided to begin properly making videos instead of small ones of Windows movie maker programs.
    I was hoping someone could tell me a good video editing software which is good at doing special effects, green screens etc. I have been doing a lot of videos where there are fight scenes e.g. Star wars and I was hoping I could get some effect in on the videos.
    So could anyone recommend a good video editing software and any other programs I may need to make videos like thsi.

    Thanks in advance

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    As always it's largely a matter of money. I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro with After Effects. After Effects is pretty much the standard industry software for effects without going insanely specialist and expensive. Sony Vegas Pro is another pretty good option.

    If you're looking for something less pricey, try Premiere Elements or Sony Movie Studio.

    In the past I would have recommended Apple Final Cut Pro or the light version, and I still think they're worth considering if you're a Mac user, but since the Final Cut X debacle I've gone off Apple big time.
    Dave Owen

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    Hey Dave:
    Just wanted to agree with you on your reply to (KROCKHUNTER).. For my money, or lack there of, I use (Sony Vegas Movie Studio 10 platimum) and most of the software for FX available works very well. I'm considering (Vegas Pro) because I've gotten used to the platform and I must say its very user friendly.
    A high end video camera will also inspire you to do Organic special effects i.e stunts and such.
    I use a Canon xl1s and have been happy with it for a couple of years.


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