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    eCommerce Website Issues

    Guys i have a website. i got it developed by an Indian Developer, and he totally destroyed my website.

    I didn't know he was using a stolen template, the site worked good for a few months, but then a problem occurred. A major problem, automatic generation of pages. and thousand of 404 Errors

    I had total 300 products and max 400 pages in the site... but my indexing went over 85,000... Also the servers crashed twice a month and my traffic went down from 1600 to 500...

    I'm totally confused, There was a chronicle error i fixed it, now the indexing it 7,000 or something, but still it's 10-12 times more than the actual pages. I'm worried.

    What should I do?

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    There were a few red flags with your post. In order to prove that you're genuine, can you please reply to this message with the URL of your website?
    Dave Owen

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    Hello Dave,

    I agree with your reply.

    He has not provided the URL of its business.
    We are a Globally leading Web Development and eCommerce Web Development company.

    Waiting for the URL and there he provide url then we will help to sort out this problem

    Thanks and Regards,
    Justin Ontong.
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    Were you using any script for creating pages? Probably it could be reason. The second problem you told is having too many 404 pages it means those pages are no more live/exists. I think the major problem with you - opting the process of creating pages for your products.


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