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    Blackmagic vs. Datavideo

    Hey there,

    Ladies and gents, I am currently in charge of suggesting and ultimately purchasing production gear for a Venice-based broadcasting company.

    So far, I have rendered two websites-dedicated to selling production gear-as the top choices.

    Both have excellent equipment and the websites house great features for their products such as monitors, video/audio recorders, switchers, etc.

    The company has deemed that I make one of the websites to go-to place for our equipment needs.

    Does anyone know which of the two(Datavideo or Blackmagic) is better ?

    Suggestions and comments are all welcome!


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    I can't comment on which is better but I can say that I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro and it's great. I tried a few different cards and the Blackmagic did the best job.

    At some stage I'm going to get one of their studio capture cards. I use a studio application called Vidblaster and many others who use it recommend Blackmagic.
    Dave Owen

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    While I think your response is great, and I'm intrigued by their software, I'm more specifically looking into opinions on their equipment.
    For example, who has the better quality in their converters, teleprompters, etc.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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