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    How can I remove backlinks?

    When the site offered me 1000 free forum backlinks. Simply need to sign up and for a backlink. I have completed registration and just ordered. They deliver backlinks in a short time.

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    Sorry but your question doesn't really make sense so I can't answer it, but I will say that offers like "1000 free forum backlinks" are a waste of time and damaging to the Internet as a whole. Avoid anything like this.

    If you want free backlinks, make a good website. The backlinks will come naturally.
    Dave Owen

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    Go to this page, if you are registered with Google Webmaster, Click on DISAVOW LINKS from here you can remove all those links that you consider as spam/un natural.

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    CBIL360 thanks for useful info. Now I know how I can delete links which "live" in internet and destroyed my site "reputations"

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    It used to be that sites linking to yours couldn’t harm you. Then along came Google’s Penguin Update.

    Now for many websites (and a lot of business models that involve selling 50,000 links for $10) the sky is falling. Websites that have built an unnatural looking backlink profile using a strategy of aggressive exact match anchor text usage are setting off Google’s spam alarm.


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