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    Hi All,

    I have a website and I am now looking for an subscribe to my website option. I have searched on google and found different codes to create html box. But my requirement is this:

    1)I already have 150 pages website. If I create new page, I need to get a new mail to who all are subscribed.
    2)Even if I modify some content, a new mail should be sent to all the subscribers saying that content is changed.

    Point 2 is not really important, but point 1 is my real requirement. I dont have any rss feeds for my website. I am not really aware of what rss feeds is. I have tried with site and created rss feed. But the rss feed is created only for some pages only. And even if I create new page, I am not getting mail for that. So, I failed in Rss feeds. I used google feedburner for this. I am not sure whether I didnt configure rss correctly or, IT IS NOT APT FOR MY REQUIREMENT, I am not sure. Please help me in this...


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    I'm sorry there hasn't been any response to this so far. I've avoided it because I can't see any easy way to do what you want. It sounds like something that would either be incorporated into your CMS (content management system) or would need to be created through custom coding. I'm not aware of any existing CMS that does exactly what you need (especially notifications of page edits), and in any case you probably don't want to change your entire management system just for this functionality.

    My best suggestion is to put out a job request on somewhere like In theory it shouldn't be too hard to code a solution - you'd want a script that runs automatically every hour or so, checks for updated files and sends out an email based on the results.
    Dave Owen


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