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    GL2400/Soundmixer controls: What is this?


    I use a GL2400 at my church and there's a couple buttons I'm not really understanding how/when/why to use.

    1. OSC/Noise knob
    2. 2TRK Replay knob (and 2TRK to LR button)
    3. 1kHz/Pink button
    4. L-R/2TRK button (I guess this stems off from what is 2TRK)

    All the above controls are located under the monitor/talkback/headphones area at the top of the master section. The website has a zoom-in button to see exactly what I'm talking about.

    Also, the board has 2 Stereo channels in contrast to the other ~20 mono channels, with ST1/ST2/ST3/ST4 (gain?) knobs at the top. What's the difference compared to the other mono gain channels? Presently, these two channels are connected to our two computers, e.g. playing computer songs/sounds goes out to these two channels.

    Thanks so much!

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    1. OSC/Noise knob
    Creates a test tone or pink noise for testing purposes. If you don't know how to use it you don't need to.

    2. 2TRK Replay knob (and 2TRK to LR button)
    Don't know about this sorry. I assume 2TRK means "two track" and LR means "Left-Right" but that's all I can say.

    3. 1kHz/Pink button
    Probably related to the OSC/Noise knob. My guess is that this button selects between tone and pink noise, and the knob changes the level.

    4. L-R/2TRK button (I guess this stems off from what is 2TRK)
    You're probably right but I don't know what it does. You may need to find the manual for this.
    Dave Owen

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