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    I have a CCDTRV 68 Sony Camcorder; tape is stuck!!!

    How can I get the tape out without tearing it up???

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    Shuichi Shindou Of Bad Luck

    Really there is no scientific explaination to getting out a stuck tape. Although i bet if you took it somewhere they could definately help you out.

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    I think Shuichi is right. There's no easy way to remove a stuck tape and you risk damaging your camcorder. Also, there may be a reason the tape is getting stuck which needs to be fixed. I recommend taking it to a repair shop and getting it looked at professionally.
    Dave Owen

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    Will the tape play or rewind? If no then I had the same problem with my Handycam ccd-fx630. I don't know if this applies to your model but After searching for hours I found NO help not even from sony. So I removed all of the small body screws from the tape side of the camera (there is one behind the mic) Slowly work the casing off and on the bottom right of the tape loading carriage there was a 4 prong plug that had come disconnected. Pluged it in and it works fine although it seems to be a poor design and is sure to come undone again unless secured somehow. Also look for small ribbon plug on the bottom center of the carriage as mine was about about to fall out also. It may sound scary busting into your cam but It was very easy and took all of 5 minutes. If you don't feel comfortable doing this then by all means take it to a shop I just cant see wasting money on such a simple problem.


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