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Thread: Stereo question

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    Stereo question

    I have a Canon XA 10 with 2 XLR inputs. If I record sound with a Stereo mic, do I have to set the camera so that the sound records in both channels?, or each channel (inputs) has the capability of recording stereo itself.
    Any simple and clear information will be highly appreciated, i am a new in this field and need basic info,

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    If you have an external stereo mic you'll need to either plug it into the stereo minijack with a single stereo plug, or split the mic's cable into two XLRs to plug into the two XLR inputs.

    I'm not sure exactly what options you have with the camera's audio input settings, but typically you'll have some menu options that allow you to choose things like which input(s) to record from, whether you want to duplicate one input on the other channel, etc. If you could tell us exactly what menu options you can find related to mic inputs we should be able to clarify what they do.
    Dave Owen

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    My camera has two 3-pins XLRs inputs.
    Audio input settings:
    CH 1 (record audio to each channel separately. Audio input into channel 1 is recorded to channel 1, and audio input 2 is recorded into channel 2)
    CH 1/2 (Audio input into channel 1 is recorded to both channels. Audio input into channel 2 is not recorded)
    So I can record.
    So my question is how do this settings are related to Mono or Stereo mics. And, if it is not too much to ask, in witch situations do I use one or the other
    My camera has also a stereo mini jack.
    Thanks, I appreciate any help


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