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    I have a good PC - how can I optimize it for HD editing?

    Hey guys,

    I'm just setting up my comp to do some pretty hardcore editing - footage of Sony PMW-200's, a 3 camera shoot so the editing will be multicam.

    I'll give you my specs, and then if someone could tell me which drive I should keep my project file, my footage and which I should render too to get the highest performance i'd be really grateful.

    Windows 7 Professional 64bit
    i7 3.5GHz CPU
    16GB DDR3 RAM
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 2GB

    Samsung 512GB SSD 840 PRO SATA 6Gb/s
    Samsung 128GB SSD 840 PRO SATA 6Gb/s

    Then a 7200 2TB Drive and a 7200 1TB drive

    If someone could tell me what should be used for what then that would be amazing! I'll be editing with Premiere Pro CS6

    Cheers guys,

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    I'm actually working on a page that deals with this question. I was hoping to finish it today but I've run out of time and I'm going to the beach for a few days, so I'll give you what I've got so far:

    It doesn't look like you have identical disks that could be put together as a RAID 0 but that's something to consider if you buy any more.
    Dave Owen


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