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    Shooting with Multiple Cameras


    I am new to the forum and also relatively new to video. Recently I took over the responsibilities of teaching a video productions class in the high school that I teach at. I have most of the equipment figured out, but I am having trouble when we are shooting with multiple cameras. I can't seem to get the colors to match. I have white balanced all of the cameras on the same white background in the same lighting and they are still not close. Does anyone know if there is a setting in the menu to adjust the color? I have tried adjusting things in the menu including using different scene files and the output of the camera does not change.

    Here is the model number for the cameras that we are using:
    Panasonic AG-DP800H


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    I don't know about the menu options in that camera but it sounds like you've tried the right things. There could be a deeper-level service menu that does what you want but I have no idea how to find out or access it.

    My only suggestion would be to use something like Warm Cards to white balance on (you could make your own or buy colored cardboard). It would take a bit of mucking around to set up initially, but if you can find just the right color card for each camera to get the "correct" white balance, you could get them a lot closer.

    Not exactly an ideal solution but the best I can think of in the absence of any known menu options.
    Dave Owen


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