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    Edirol V-8 final output issue

    Looking for help. I volunteer at my daughters elementary school and they have a tv studio that is used to show morning annoucements. The person who originally ran the studio left and I volunteered to help bring up and running since I have past experience. They are using an Edirol V-8 to control everything. For some reason the final output is displaying alot of interference/snow.
    Input 1: video camera. rca plugin
    Input 2: vcr using rca plugin
    pc1: Dell labtop to display powerpoint slides via vga plug
    pc2: Dell labtop to display additional independant powerpoint slides via vga plug
    Currently, we are using the preview output(quick fix, no snow) to display the final output and we are selecting the indivusual v-link buttons to switch input sources. Because again, the final output plugs are displaying a snowy image. We can see the image from the camera, vcr and the labtop through the snow. Our goal is to switch images using the tbar and not using the preview as our main output.
    any ideas, please share....

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    That's right about where I'd ship it off to the engineering department

    I'll ask around and let you know if I come up with any better suggestions.
    Dave Owen

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    Hi there,

    I don't have a circuit diagram of the unit, and don't have any experience with one, but.....

    Video noise (or snow) on composite video is often caused by faulty cables/connectors. If it is NOT a problem with cable or output connector then it will be a fault on the circuit board inside the unit.

    I imagine you have tried the following....
    1) Tried a different cable from V-8 output to monitor (to eliminate faulty cable)
    2) Tried both BNC outputs (to eliminate faulty BNC output connector)
    3) Tried s-video output (to eliminate faulty circuitry feeding composite outputs)

    If you have the interference on all 3 outputs then you have a problem deeper in (ie: a component on the circuit board that feeds the outputs), and it will need to be repaired by a service tech.

    If you have interference on the BNC outputs but not on the s-video output you have a fault in the circuitry that feeds the composite outputs (BNC's), but you will be able to use the clean s-video output (even if it means converting it to composite for you monitor).

    Most likely it is a fault that you will need to pay to have repaired (unless you are lucky and it IS a cable or connector fault).


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