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    Article Post in SEO

    Hi everyone

    i am doing article for my website and i am submitting
    them on numbers of site so is it good for me.
    I don't know that what is actual article posting strategy .
    please help me....

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    Hey aaliyahgorage,
    As far I am understanding your point... You are doing just for the sake of submission(Probable have read some where that article posting activities are done for increasing visibility)
    After recent updates article spinning is no more effective, basically it causes content spam. Just a gentle advise: Do what ever activity you want but that must be accountable for user. Now there is a very simple formula: Do value addition of users with your so called submissions, Search engines will revert you back!

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    It's a bit hard to understand exactly what you're trying to do. Are you creating articles on your own website and submitting link requests to other websites? Or are you submitting articles to other websites in exchange for links to your website?

    If it's the latter, I agree with CBIL360 that you're probably wasting your time. The key to building a successful website is to make a good website. That's all (sure you may need to do a bit of advertising to start off, but that's only a small part of the strategy - in the end it's 99% about how good your website is).
    Dave Owen

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    Its good to submit article for your website but dont submit same article on more then 5 websites.

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    Article submission is good for SEO. But we should not submit single article to multiple website.

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    Don't submit one article too much in different website then you can ban from google...

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    Article submission is good for promotion of our websites, it article submission you get the best result when you your article submission is get approved by the submission sites.


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