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    Excuse me

    I have question , what are the programs used in 3d movies? Cartoon like the simpsons ? I am intested to know about the process and what exactly I should learn , I just like it

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    Not sure about The Simpsons but I know a little about Pixar which is one of the most successful creators of 3D animation movies. They use a program that they developed themselves call Renderman - you can find out more at this page:

    You might also find this page useful - it's a quick overview of Pixar's production process:

    Most people getting started in 3D are more likely to use one of the industry standards such as 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave 3D, etc. You can see a long list at
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    Well, it really difficult to say about it. You have to learn the animation first. After that you can design it.


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