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    How can I make my image see-through?

    I have been really struggling to create a translucent image without success. I am using photoshop cs3 extended. I have been advice to use the opaque slider above the layers pallete to give a see-through effect, which i did but each time I save it as a .gif, it doesnt give that see-throught effect, it give solid colour. Please I need help to sort this out. Thanks for your contribution in advance.


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    Unfortunately the GIF format does not support that type of transparency - it only allows one single colour to be transparent, and it's either completely transparent or completely opaque. To do what you want you'll need to save it as a PNG.
    Dave Owen

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    I am using GIMP2 for this purpose. It is quite easy to use. You can easily change the image into translucent image. But I didn't change any GIF image. You can try it.


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