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    Live Video Capturing

    How are you guys and hope everyone is doing well. I want to find out if there is a way to capture footage from a vision mixer directly into a hardrive. Here is what I use:

    4 Video cameras input into a Digital Video Switcher SE500.
    I pick up an output of video from the Digital Video Switcher SE500 into an SONY HDV capturing deck where I capture the video mix onto the tapes. This is a hassle for me since I have to later on capture from those tapes into the computer before editing in Premiere Pro.

    How can I connect the above set up so that I capture the footages on hardrive or straight to the PC so that if I wanna edit, I save myself capturing time. I always have to capture not less than 8 tapes.

    Please note I am working with the DV format using the SONY DVCAM cameras.

    Your help will be much appreciated.

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    Hi Obegun. Sure, this is possible. I used to use a laptop for this very purpose. Originally I used Adobe Premiere Pro, connected via Firewire, opened the capture window and recorded directly into PPRO. Later, I used Adobe OnLocation which was a great ingest application specifically designed for this type of work. It's been discontinued now in favour of Adobe Prelude which I haven't really used so I can't comment too much on it.

    Another option is to purchase a dedicated capture hardware device such as the Sony HVR-MRC1. Not cheap but very convenient and exactly what you're looking for I think.
    Dave Owen


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