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    Feedback needed please on new Music Video/ Song?

    Hello all, Im a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland.
    If you have a moment for new music please check out my latest music video shot at The Empire Hall in Belfast along with 6 gallons of Paint being splattered.
    All feedback welcome, good or bad : )

    Broken World (Official Video)

    Chris Keys Facebook page

    Chris Keys Youtube channel

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    Very nice song. The video is fine too, but when asked for feedback I always try to find something I don't like so much as I don't think lots of "nice video" comments are helpful. Please take it as constructive criticism - purely my subjective opinion which may or may not mean anything.

    The lighting colour is a little bland to my eye. It kind of looks like you're going for a particular effect but haven't exaggerated it enough. It's not quite one or the other. It reminds me of a camera with faulty colour balance. I would have pushed the effect further in post to make a real statement with it.

    The TV shot is okay but because it's the only "other shot" you're using, it felt a bit like watching a two-camera shoot where one of the cameras is locked off on a static shot. I know you had more than one band shot but still, that's how it felt to me. It felt slightly cheap or unimaginative to keep switching back to the exact same shot. I might have considered a few different angles but actually I think the TV shot itself isn't the problem - the problem is that it's the only other shot you use so it seems a bit stilted to me.

    Don't get me wrong - it's a good video. Well done.
    Dave Owen


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