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    transparency...I've forgotten

    Hi everyone, pretty frustrated here as I'm not very technical but am having great fun playing with ps for my auctions.

    My question is this...I've done it once but cant remember for the life of me what I did.....How to make my background transparent?

    I've been using the EXTRACT tool and its fantastic BUT when I save it as a gif it changes the quality of the photo into 'dots' ---- I've done it before as a gif and the photo looks awesome when i add it to my auction

    Any help would be greatly appreciated for this novice...please remember I'm not at all technical
    thanks for your time cath x

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    Hi Cath, sorry about the delayed reply.

    Have you looked though our Photoshop tutorials about transparent backgrounds?

    I would probably need to have a look at your images to see what's happening. Can you show us an URL or upload an image that you've worked on?
    Dave Owen


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