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    Browser to browser video streaming

    I'm looking for a solution to stream video from an user to another. The request is to be platform independent (Win,Linux,MacOS) and to need as less software as possible to be installed by the user (so I thought that a Web Browser should do the cross-platform issue thing). Any ideas?
    As a basic idea, i thought on each browser should connect to a server that actually do the job. But I didn't find any solution close to this idea. Is this possible? What do you know?
    Any help would be usefull.

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    There is no browser that I'm aware of that can stream video. The video file can only be seen with the proper decoder - QuickTime, Windows Media, etc. If you want Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox or the like, to stream video, it's my belief your putting too many eggs in one basket. I'm not saying it can't be done - maybe one of them is working on something like that now. My guess is that it will eventually happen.
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    That's right, there's no way to serve video directly from one browser to another. Vulpe, you're right in suggesting that both users need to connect to a server which does the job.

    In effect this is just normal streaming, as covered in our streaming tutorials. The big question is whether you need to stream live material of pre-recorded files.
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