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    Need help, Canon ZR-40

    So here is the deal do extreme downhill mountain biking and tought it would be nice if I can record it... So I bough a used canon ZR-40 from e-bay with no conections recharger, remote control or manual. Then bought a helmet camera (sony ex-view) yes...ebay again I was able to get the recharger, the firewire cable, downloaded the manual from but couldn't get the remote control, besides I don't think I needed... So here is the problem I'm trying to record from the helmet camera (lens) I can see the image on the ZR-40 and even listen the microphone but I can't get this thing to record... if I put it on camera it will only record through the camera lens. If change it to playback mode and go through the menu and choose DV/AV ON I can see through the helmet camera but I can't record... after going through the manual it seem like I would need the remote to do this but I find it hard to believe that the camera is depending on a remote control to do this when it probably should be done through the camera it self... thanks for the help and sorry for the long post...

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    I've had a look at the manual and unfortunately it does seem that you need the remote. Here's the manual - the relevant pages are around 77-79:
    Dave Owen


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