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    Hello! (sorry for the long post....abit of past and future.)

    I am on a personal quest to learn to webcast before december. I will be helping out with the video team for a large confrence in denver, co. The video work is done, the technology is there. We want to mirror what is on our main screens to a webcast for students that cannot attend the confrence.

    We recently purchased a encoding server (maybe two....I am not sure the details of the encoding servers). We are planning on doing two different encodings so I think we will have two servers (real media and windows media or mpeg4).

    I went through the streaming server and while this would be helpful for someone trying to stream a file it didnt do much more than mention webcasting. The internet servers are no problem, and neither is bandwidth (however conservation of bandwidth is always #1).

    My question is: how do we (using a streaming server, darwin for example) broadcast the live video feed? I know this is an open ended question and I am sorry for that but I dont really know how to be more specific.

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    It is a very open-ended question and there's not really a simple answer. The main difficulty in answering this question is that the different types of servers all work differently and they keep changing all the time.

    For an example of how to build the components needed for live streaming, see how it's done on Macromedia's Flash Communication Server:

    Basically, you'll need to visit the website of whichever platform you decide to go with and learn from there.

    Here's a PDF file covering streaming on the Darwin server:

    Good luck with your learning mission!
    Dave Owen


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