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    microphone wire.

    Does anyone know of any thinner gauge wire that can be used on a headset micro phone? and if so what should i be looking for? can you use copper twisted pair cable?

    this is for the boom part... don't care about the interface just looking for a thinner cable that could bend and carry an audio signal... thanks

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    Greetings Seeker,
    There are for sure, thinner gauge wire that you can use. Copper twisted pair is fine BUT it must be shielded because the signal is mic level at the boom (the shield is your 3rd wire for grounding the signal). Stranded wires would be preferred over solid wire for flexibility.

    This is not quite an easy item to find at the retail level because demand is non-existent to extremely low. If possible, search on the web or at electronic stores that do sell components and parts; search flea markets and electronic surplus. Or take a chance at items that are being sold, "As Is", to cannibalize the wire, if it's really difficult to find something.

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