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       yum shell [filename]


       yum  includes  an interactive shell for conducting multiple commands or
       sets of commands during a single execution of yum. These  commands  can
       be  issued manually or passed to yum from a file. The commands are much
       the same as the normal yum command line options. See  here  yum(8)  for
       that information. There are a few additional commands documented below.

                 [argument] [value]
                 args: debuglevel, errorlevel, obsoletes, gpgcheck, assumeyes,
                   If no value is given it prints the current value.
                   If value is given it sets that value.

                 [argument] [option]
                   list: lists repositories and their status
                   enable: enable repositories. option = repository id
                   disable: disable repositories. option = repository id

                   list: lists the contents of the transaction
                   reset: reset (zero-out) the transaction
                   solve: run the dependency solver on the transaction
                   run: run the transaction

                   Causes the shell to exit, setting the exit status as speci-
              fied by the
                   shell_exit_status option in yum.conf(5).
                   This  command  is  also triggered when EOF is read (usually
              the C-d keystroke
                   or end of script).


       The following are examples of using the yum shell.

               list available packagename*
               groupinfo 'Some Group'
               install foo
               remove bar
               update baz

              That will list available packages matching  the  glob  'package-
              name*'.  It will return information on the group 'Some Group' It


       There  of  course  aren't any bugs, but if you find any, they should be
       sent to the mailing list: yum@lists.baseurl.org or filed in bugzilla.

Seth Vidal yum(8)

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