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Product Description:

The GR-DVL520U provides all the features you need to get rolling, including a 16x optical zoom, digital image stabilization, and IEEE 1394 compatible outputs. The GR-DVL520 ensures maximum user-friendliness utilizing Night Alive (for full color shooting in extreme low light conditions), built-in Auto Light, high-resolution 2.5-inch amorphous silicon LCD color monitor, 700x super digital zoom with spline interpolation, HG digital stills (1024 x 768), picture stabilizer, and long-time recording capability.



Video format: DV format (SD mode), Mini DV cassette
Power supply: DC 11.0 V (Using AC Adapter), DC 7.2 V (Using battery pack)
Power consumption: LCD monitor off, viewfinder on - Approx. 4.3 W; LCD monitor on, viewfinder off - Approx. 5.3 W; Video light - Approx. 3.5 W
Dimensions (W x H x D): 79 mm x 89 mm x 167 mm (3-1/8 inches x 3-9/16 inches x 6-5/8 inches) (with the LCD monitor closed and the viewfinder pushed down)
Weight: Approx. 560 g (1.3 pounds)
Operating temperature: 0 degrees C to 40 degrees C (32 degrees F to 104 degrees F)
Operating humidity: 35 percent to 80 percent
Storage temperature: -20 degrees C to 50 degrees C (-4 degrees F to 122 degrees F)
Pickup: 1/4 inches CCD
Lens: F 1.8, f = 3.8 mm to 38 mm, 10:1 power zoom lens
Filter diameter: 37 mm
LCD monitor: 2.5 inches diagonally measured, LCD panel/TFT active matrix system
Viewfinder: Electronic viewfinder with 0.24 niches black/white LCD
Speaker: Monaural
Signal format: NTSC standard
Recording/Playback format: Video: Digital component recording; Audio: PCM digital recording, 32 kHz 4-channel (12-bit), 48 kHz 2-channel (16-bit)
Tape speed: SP: 18.8 mm/s, LP: 12.5 mm/s
Maximum recording time(using 80 minutes cassette): SP: 80 minutes, LP: 120 minutes
Digital Still Camera Function: Storage media : SD Memory Card/MultiMediaCard; Compression system : JPEG (compatible); File size : 2 modes (1024 x 768 pixels, 640 x 480 pixels); Picture quality : 2 modes (FINE/STANDARD); Approximate number of storable images with memory card [8 MB] (provided) : FINE - 20 (1024 x 768 pixels), 45 (640 x 480 pixels), STANDARD - 65 (1024 x 768 pixels), 160 (640 x 480 pixels)
S-Video Output: Y:1 V (p-p), 75 ., analog; C:0.29 V (p-p), 75 ., analog
AV Video output: 1 V (p-p), 75 ., analog
AV Audio output: 300 mV (rms), 1 k., analog, stereo
DV Output: 4-pin, IEEE 1394 compliant
DV Input: 4-pin, IEEE 1394 compliant
USB: 5-pin
EDIT: 3.5 mm, 2-pole
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