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Panasonic PV-27DF25

User Manual

Operating manual
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Product description from Panasonic:
The Virtual Surround Sound feature provides a cinema-like experience on systems with only two speakers when playing any Dolby Digital-encrypted DVD with two or more channels. Optical Output for dts and Dolby Digital 5.1-ch Decoders provide six discrete channels of exhilarating digital audio that deliver the ultimate sound experience. You can enjoy all of your favorite DVD movies and audio CDs in one state-of-the-art, space-saving unit. This TV Combo unit plays back DVD-Video, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, VCD, audio CDs and most CD-R/RW recordings. The DVD Multi-Speed Scan/Slow feature allows you to go forward or backward through any DVD at varying speeds to find your favorite scene. When you plug in your TV and turn it on, all available TV channels are automatically set. The time is also automatically set as long as your TV receives a local PBS television station with Extended Data Service.

Panasonic PV-27DF25

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