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Sennheiser Microphones

Model Description
MD21U Interview microphone
MD42 Omni-directional reporters microphone
MD46 Cardioid reporters microphone
MD421-II Cardioid studio microphone
MD425 Dynamic super-cardioid microphone
MD431-II Vocal microphone
MD441-II Vocal microphone
E602 Cardioid instrument microphone
E604 Cardioid instrument microphone
E608 Super-cardioid instrument microphone
E609 Super-cardioid instrument microphone
E614 Super-cardioid instrument microphone
E664 Cardioid instrument microphone
E815s Cardioid vocal or instrument microphone
E815sc Cardioid vocal or instrument microphone
E816sc Cardioid microphone
E817c Cardioid vocal microphone
E825s Cardioid vocal or instrument microphone
E835 Cardioid vocal microphone
E840 Cardioid vocal microphone
E845 Supercardioid vocal microphone
E855 Supercardioid vocal microphone
E865 Supercardioid condenser vocal microphone
E901 Half-cardioid kick-drum microphone
E902 Dynamic cardioid instrument microphone
E903 Cardioid instrument microphone
E904 Dynamic cardioid instrument microphone
E905 Cardioid instrument microphone
E906 Super-cardioid instrument microphone
E908 Condenser instrument microphone
E914 Condenser instrument microphone
E935 Cardioid vocal microphone
E945 Super-cardioid vocal microphone
K6 Power module for Sennheiser condenser microphone heads
K6P Phantom power module for Sennheiser microphone heads
ME62 Omni-directional microphone head
ME64 Cardioid microphone head
ME65 Super-cardioid microphone head
ME66 Short gun microphone head - super-cardioid/lobar pattern
ME67 Long gun microphone head - lobar pattern
MKH20 Condenser microphone - omni directional
MKH30 Condenser microphone - figure of eight pattern
MKH40 Condenser microphone - cardioid
MKH50 Condenser microphone - supercardioid
MKH60 Condenser microphone - supercardioid / lobar
MKH70 Condenser microphone - lobar pattern
MKH80 Condenser microphone - 5 switchable patterns
MKH416 Condenser microphone - supercardioid / lobar
MKH418 Stereo condenser microphone - supercardioid / lobar or fig. 8
MKH800 Condenser microphone - 5 switchable patterns


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