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After Effects Workspaces

Window > WorkspaceAdobe After Effects uses the familiar interface shared by most Adobe CS3 applications. You can use preset workspaces, move and rearrange panels and frames, and save your own custom workspaces.

To change the current workspace, select Window > Workspace from the main menu. The included preset workspaces are:

Each workspace is designed for maximum efficiency when performing the corresponding type of task. For example, the Animation preset opens various panels used for animation and hides less important ones.

You will notice that the example menu pictured above includes two additional workspaces: Dave 1 and Dave 2. These are custom workspaces that have been added to the supplied presets. To create a custom workspace, arrange the interface as required then select Window > Workspace > New Workspace. Enter a name for the workspace and click OK.

The screenshot below shows the Standard workspace.

After Effects Standard Workspace