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All usage of material at www.mediacollege.com is subject to the following conditions:

Intellectual Property and Copyright

All content is original unless stated otherwise. Original material is © Copyright Wavelength Media 1995-2012.

You may print any material for non-profit educational use. Please attribute credit to "www.MediaCollege.com".

You may not use any material for business, commercial or for-profit activities without permission (feel free to ask for permision). Exempt from this clause are audio and video clips from our download section—you may use them for commercial purposes.

You may not duplicate material from this website on any other website (why not?).

You may not alter the content or layout of any page without our written permission.

You may not download material for offline use on local networks without our written permission (again, items in our download section is exempt from this clause).

Linking to this Website

You may provide hyperlinks to any area of this website, subject to the next condition. Click here for some link options.

You may not link to any part of this website in such a way as to create an impression of ownership or association with www.MediaCollege.com.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions please contact us.