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Audio Tones from 100Hz to 10kHz
DTMF Tones (touch-tone)
Music (new)
Noise (white, pink, brown)
Sound Effects


Back-focus chart : 1200x800 pixels; Photoshop for Windows (PSD); 146KB
Back-focus chart : 1200x800 pixels; GIF; 22KB.
Shot Log (PDF, OpenOffice.org and MS Word)
Timecode : 160x40 timecode display to overlay on your video
Titles : PSD & TIFF templates
High Definition Video Clips : Suitable for practice & testing
Free stock video clips


MC Media Player
A Flash media player you can use to play video, audio and still images on your website.
(Note: The media player has moved to a new home at MC Media Player.com)


Icons : 62 retro video, audio, and multimedia GIFs.

Web Design

Website Templates : HTML, CSS & PSD files.


Examples of funding application forms:
TV Production Application Form with Budget Summary (PDF, 69KB)
TV Development Application Form (PDF, 72KB)

Copyright Application:
US Copyright Application Form PA (PDF, 170KB)

Talent Release Form (HTML/TXT, 2KB)