Adobe CS3 Master Collection Installation Issues

This page looks at some of the installation issues related to Adobe's Master Collection software bundle.


From July 2007, Adobe users began installing the new CS3 Master Collection with varying results. Although the installation went well for most users, the Adobe forums were flooded with complaints about incomplete installations. The Adobe support team was apparently swamped as many users struggled to get support.

For my part, I installed the upgrade on a desktop and laptop with no problems at all. Both computers were running Windows XP and had previously been running beta versions of Premiere Pro and Soundbooth. With so many horror stories out there, it is worth noting that most of us actually had a positive experience moving to CS3.

Here are a few notes about installing or upgrading to CS3:

Beta Software Conflicts

Users who have previously installed beta versions of CS3 applications may experience problems upgrading to CS3. In some cases the Adobe installer apparently thinks the new software still has the beta expiry date.

Adobe provides a free script that you can download and use to clean up beta and pre-release installations. This does not fix all problems but is worth a try.

Adobe CS3Clean Script:

More help

If you still have problems, this page includes a list of things to check and fixes to try.

Adobe Installation Troubleshooter:

Page author: Dave Owen
Date: 2nd August 2007