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Flash Player Version History

Flash Player Version Release Date Notable New Features
Flash 2 1997 Buttons, libraries, stereo audio, improved bitmap integration, tweening.
Note: This was the first player released under the Macromedia brand.
Flash 3 1998 Alpha transparency, MP3 support.
Flash 4 May 1999 Streaming MP3 support, motion tweening.
Note: This was the first player included by default with MS Internet Explorer (v5).
Flash 5 August 2000 ActionScript.
Flash 6 March 2002 Video support (Sorenson Sparc codec), application components, shared libraries, accessibility.
Flash 7 September 2003 Charts & graphs, text effects, 3rd-party extensions, high-quality PDF & Adobe Illustrator import. ActionScript 2.0.
Flash 8 August 2005 Filter effects, blending modes, GIF & PNG support, bitmap caching, FlashType type rendering, mobile device emulator, and a significant new video codec (On2 VP6).
Note: In December 2005 Macromedia (and the Flash platform) was acquired by Adobe Systems.
Flash 9 June 2006 ActionScript Virtual Machine AVM2, ActionScript 3.
Note: This was the first version of the player to be released before the equivalent authoring program. This means version 9 was the first player to be widely installed before much authoring activity.
Flash 9 Update 1 November 2006 (v9.0.28.0, codenamed "Marvin")
Support for fullscreen mode.
Flash 9 Update 3 December 2007 (v9.0.115.0, codenamed "Moviestar")
Support for H.264 video and AAC audio.
Flash 10 October 2008 (v10.0.12.36, codenamed "Astro")
3D object transformations, advanced text features, Speex audio codec, RTMFP support (Real Time Media Flow Protocal), larger bitmap support, enhanced clipboard access, enhanced anti-aliasing engine.
Flash 10.1 June 2010 (v10.1.53.64)
Global error handling, multi-touch, HTTP streaming, hardware H.264 decoding.
Flash 10.2 (Previewed September 2010) Support for 64-bit browsers.

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