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Adobe Premiere Elements Workspace

The panels in the Premiere Elements workspace share the same look and feel as most Adobe CS3 applications, including customizable workspaces and fluid resizeable panels. Premiere Elements has two default workspaces (switch between them using the buttons near the top left corner):

  1. The Edit Movie workspace is where you build your video masterpiece.
  2. The Create DVD workspace is where you turn your finished video into a DVD and burn it.

The screenshot below shows the default Premiere Elements video editing workspace. This workspace is divided into four main panels:

  1. The Media panel, where you import and store all the elements which make up your edited video (video clips, audio clips, photos, titles, etc).
  2. The Monitor panel, where you view and edit video clips.
  3. The Properties panel, where you can add effects and make other changes to clips.
  4. The My Project panel, where you arrange the elements of your video in the desired order, add transitions between them, etc.
Edit Movie workspace