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Apple iPhone - Increase Battery Life

Tips for increasing the charge time and overall life of your iPhone battery. These instructions are for iOS6—if you're using a different version the exact instructions may vary slightly but the principles are the same.

  1. Always keep your software updated. Newer versions often include improvements that help battery performance.
  2. Turn down the screen brightness (Settings > Brightness).
  3. Turn on auto-brightness (Settings > Brightness > Auto-Brightness). This uses less power when you're in a darker location.
  4. Turn off Bluetooth unless you really need it (Settings > Bluetooth).
  5. Turn off Wi-Fi when you're not using it (Settings > Wi-Fi).
  6. Turn off Location Services if you're not using it (Settings > Privacy > Location Services).
  7. Set a shorter auto-lock time (Settings > General > Auto-Lock).
  8. Unload apps completely. Double-press the home button to see a row of apps running in the background. Press and hold any app—red "minus" signs will appear. Press these minus signs to completely close each app.
Author: ,  Originally published: 2012-10-14