Should I buy a Mac Pro?

2013 Mac Pro
The Mac Pro released in 2013

A long time ago, in 2011, it was time for me to upgrade my main working computer. At the time I was using a PC for all my video editing, graphics and web design work. In 2011 this wasn't the norm—it was pretty standard for any self-respecting creative professional to use a Mac Pro. Indeed, I intended to upgrade my old iMac to a Mac Pro and use it as my main working computer.

Unfortunately, word on the street was that the Mac Pro might not be a priority for Apple any more. There were delays and then the disastrous Final Cut X launch seemed to confirm that Apple was abandoning the professional market. I couldn't wait any longer, and when I weighed up the various costs and other factors I made the difficult decision to stay in the PC world. Here were my top three reasons:

Over the next couple of years I watched the ongoing carnage from the Final Cut X debacle and the disappointment when the next Mac Pro finally did come out in 2012. I felt vindicated but still uncomfortable about being a "creative" that uses a PC. At least I still had my iMac to appease clients who expected to see an Apple logo on my computer!

In 2013 a new-look Mac Pro was released and I wondered if it might be time to reconsider my position. After looking into it, I decided the answer was no. Some of my reasoning:

In the end there's just no compelling reason to move my main workstation to Mac, but there are reasons not to.

Bottom line: In the old days it was fair to say that MacOS was a more suitable operating system for creatives than Windows. It was also true that Final Cut Pro was better than the equivalent Windows options (most notably Premiere Pro). These arguments no longer hold true, so what's left to encourage the professional to use a Mac? Apart from peer pressure, not much that I can see.

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