Star Trek: Voyager Sound Effects

"Unable to comply. Internal scanner relays have been damaged." wav
"Please restate a single question." wav
Captain Janeway  
"Battle stations." wav
"I'm only in a mood for good news today, Ambassador." wav
"We're Starfleet officers, weird is part of the job." wav
"Our communications are being blocked." wav
"I am curious lieutenant. What does it mean, 'Groovy'?" wav
"It will simply look like a computer malfunction." wav
"The new configuration is stable." wav
The Doctor  
"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." wav
"Bald-faced lying, calculated deceit, I don't have much experience with that sort of thing." wav
"Prepare to download my program into the autonomous emitter." wav
"I'm a doctor, not a database." wav
"One down, 10 billion to go." wav
"You're not just a hologram, you're a Starfleet hologram." wav
"The Vulcan brain never ceases to amaze me." wav
"Computer, activate emergency medical holographic program." wav
"I'd say this is a 'Do not disturb' sign, wouldn't you?" wav
"I told you, we're secret agents." wav