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Fluke 12 digital multimeter

Fluke 12 Digital Multimeter

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Product description from Fluke:

The 2 different models in the Fluke 10 Series are ideal for first-level troubleshooting. The VChek™ function provides the user with ultimate ease of use by automatic switching to AC voltage, DC voltage or resistance measurements depending on the input. The range extends from the basic Fluke 10 to the high-end Fluke 12, with its extra capabilities for measuring, capacitance, plus recording of minimum and maximum values over time with a relative time stamp.


Up to 0.9% basic DC accuracy
4000 count digital display
V Check™ automatic measurement selection
Manual and automatic ranging
Resistance, continuity and diode measurements
Capacitance measurements
Min/Max recording with relative time stamp, records the highest and lowest voltage readings during a 100-hour period
Sleep mode preserves battery life
Three year warranty


Voltage DC Range and Resolution: 4000 mV*, 4.000V, 40.00V, 400V, 600V
Best Accuracy:
Model 10 ±(1.5%+1)
Model 11 ±(0.9%+1)
Model 12 ±(0.9%+1)

Voltage AC Range and Resolution: 4000 mV, 4.000V, 40.00V, 400V, 600V
Model 10 ±(2.9%+3)
Best Accuracy:
Model 11 ±(1.9%+3)
Model 12 ±(1.9%+3)

Resistance Range and Resolution: 400.0 O, 4.000 kO, 40.00 kO, 400.0 kO, 4.000 MO, 40.00 MO
Best Accuracy:
Model 10 ±(1.5%+1)
Model 11 ±(0.9%+1)
Model 12 ±(0.9%+1)

Capacitance Range and Resolution: 1.000 µF, 10.00 µF, 100.0 µF, 1000 µF, 10,000 µF
Best Accuracy:
Model 10 N/A
Model 11 ±(1.9%+2)
Model 12 ±(1.9%+2)

Note *Available in manual mode. Use this range with accessories.

Mechanical & General Specifications
Size 142.3 mm L x 70.5 mm W x 34.6 mm

Weight 286g

Warranty Three years, one year guaranteed calibration

Battery life Alkaline: 650 hours continuous
Carbon-zinc: 450 hours continuous