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Palm Size Compact VHS Camcorder


Product Description From Amazon.com:

The JVC GR-AX750U offers a wide variety of features and useful options in an easy-to-use VHS-C format. The picture stabilizer gets rid of annoying picture shake--it corrects slight shaking of images. Your viewers will appreciate this feature during playback because it will make your recording easier to watch. The GR-AX750U also offers 300x digital zoom. This is ideal for catching action at sporting events or just at home in your backyard. The zoom is a variable-speed zoom triggered by finger pressure with numeric zoom ratio readout in the viewfinder/monitor.



Video format: VHS-C
Video recording system: Pro-cision 5 video head system
Digital camera capability: No
Audio: Mono
Optical zoom: 16x
Digital zoom 300x
Lens: 16:1 variable speed optical zoom
Viewfinder: Electronic with black and white 0.5-inch CRT
Minimum illumination: Less than 1 lux
Digital effects: Yes
Programmed auto exposure: 7 modes
Title generator: 8 preset messages in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese
Manual focus: Yes
Manual exposure: Yes
Manual white balance: Yes
Maximum shutter speed: 1/2000
Wide-angle lens: F1.6
Special features: Wide mode, tele macro, time lapse and animation, quick review and retake, black fader, digital wipes and fades, digital auto tracking
Power source: AC adapter or rechargeable battery
Accessories included: Shoulder strap, compact VHS cassette playback, battery recharger