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JVC GRAX841Palm Size Compact VHS Camcorder


Product Description From Amazon.com:

The JVC GR-AX841 combines a wide selection of automatic and manual shooting options with the ease of the VHS-C format, giving home users a go-anywhere, shoot-anything video recorder.

The JVC GR-AX841's slim, flat form makes it easy to carry. It offers an adjustable color viewfinder and a built-in lens cover, which lessens the hassle of carrying around an extra accessory. The unique side-battery design keeps almost all the selection buttons handy at the back of the camcorder.

The JVC GR- AX841's pictures are bright and colorful, although its VHS-C format is by nature less sharp and clear than Hi8 or digital formats.

JVC GR-AX841 - Left View
JVC GR-AX841 - Rear View
JVC GR-AX841 - Right View


Video format: VHS-C
Viewfinder: Optical color
Dimensions: 3.6 by 4.7 by 7.8 inches
Weight: 1.6 pounds