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JVC GRAX880Compact VHS Camcorder

Product Description From Amazon.com:

The JVC GRAX880 provides quality video performance that is not fussy and complicated. It records on small-sized VHS-C tape and with the included playpack you can view your video on any VCR. The camcorder's notable features include a black and white viewfinder, 16x optical zoom, built-in video light, 70 special effects and transitions, preset title generator. Digital functions such as a time base corrector and chroma noise reduction enhance the overall video quality.

The GRAX880 has a 16x optical and 600x digital zoom, as well as variable zoom speeds that you can control with the zoom toggle. The digital image stabilization system keeps the picture steady and solid throughout zooms and camera shakes. The low lux function boosts camera sensitivity in low light situations to improve the video image.

Inputs and Outputs
The standard RCA input/outputs and cable are included so you can hook the camcorder to a TV for convenient viewing or a VCR for dubbing to regular VHS.



Video format: VHS-C
Audio: Mono
Eyepiece viewfinder: Black/White .44 inches
LCD screen size: None
LCD swivel: No
Optical zoom: 16x
Digital zoom: 600x
Autolight: Yes
Hot shoe for external light: No
Image stabilization: Yes
Infrared capability: No
Remote included: No
Headphone jack: No
Digital still capability: No
MPEG movie mode: No
Included still memory: None
Preset titles: No
Custom titling: No
Programmed recording: No
Fade options: Yes
Special effects: Yes
Motion sensor: No
Audio sensor: No
USB streaming: No
IEEE1394 (Firewire) output: No
USB output: No
S-Video output: No
Included in box: Camcorder, Multi-voltage AC Power Adapter/battery charger with built-in battery refresher, Shoulder Strap, Compact VHS cassette playpak, AC Power Adapter, RCA cables, Battery Pack and Lens cap
Width: 4.53 inches
Height: 4.41 inches
Depth: 7.9 inches
Weight: 1lb 6oz.