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Product Description From Amazon.com:

The JVC GR-SXM920U VHS-C camcorder offers 400x variable-speed digital zoom and 16x optical zoom. The zoom is a variable-speed zoom triggered by finger pressure with numeric zoom ratio readout in the viewfinder/monitor. The GR-SXM920U includes a 2.5-inch LCD color monitor with 112,000 pixels. The camcorder has three recording modes and uses S-VHS recording to deliver up to 60 percent better resolution than standard models. For quality and economy, the S-VHS ET mode lets you take high-resolution videos using any VHS-C tape. For compatibility with any VHS video recorder, standard VHS is also available.



Video format: S-VHS-C
Progressive scan CCD: No
Flying erase heads: Yes
Audio: Monaural
LCD screen size: 3.0 inches
LCD swivel: Yes
Aperture: f/1.6
Optical zoom: 16x
Digital zoom: 400x
Programmed exposure modes: 7 modes
Auto light: Yes
Hot shoe for external light: No
Black and white: No
Sepia: No
Solarized: No
Image stabilization: Yes
Infrared capability: No
Remote included: Yes
Digital camera capability: Yes
Included still memory: 2 MB
Preset titles: Yes
Custom titling: Yes
Programmed recording: Yes
Fade options: Black
Special effects: Time lapse, animation
Motion sensor: No
Audio sensor: No
Other special features: Digital auto tracking, auto and pro-style recording, self-timer, date/time display with auto date, audio dub, insert editing, snapshot mode
IEEE 1394 output: No
Connections: Audio-video, RS-232-C
S-Video output: No
Battery type: CR-2025 lithium-ion
Included in box: Remote control, DC cord, battery, AC adapter/charger, RS-232-C cable, shoulder strap, VHS cassette PlayPak, software