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Mackie 1202-VLZ PRO Micro Mixer

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Big Knob

Product Description from Mackie:

This compact mixer is perfect for small studio music recording and demos, MIDI project studios, radio production and remotes, live sound, audio/video and boardroom presentations, video post, multimedia — plus it's a great audio 'Swiss Army Knife' for submixing, extra mic preamps, level and impedance matching.

Ultra-low noise, highest headroom in its class 4 new precision-engineered XDR Extended Dynamic Range premium studio-grade mic preamps with: Ultra-wide 0-60dB gain range 130dB dynamic range for 24-bit, 192kHz sampling rate inputs +22dBu line input handling Distortion under 0.0007% (20Hz-20kHz) Advanced DC pulse transformer RF rejection 12 line inputs (4 mono, 4 stereo pairs) Separate RCA-type tape/CD inputs and tape outputs (unbalanced) 2 aux sends with 15dB of extra gain above Unity Constant-loudness pan pots PFL Stereo in-place Solo on each channel 2 stereo aux returns w/EFX to Monitor Aux 1 master w/ Monitor/Post assign 3-band active EQ (80Hz, 2.5kHz, 12kHz) 18dB/oct. 75Hz Lo Cut filter eliminates stage rumble, wind noise, P-pops and low frequency recording studio room resonances Extra ALT 3-4 stereo bus for submixes, separate recording, monitor and 'mix minus' feeds Control Room/Phones multi-input source matrix Phantom power for premium condenser mics Rugged steel chassis, sealed rotary controls Built-in power supply--no wall wart!