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Meade DS-2130ATS

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Meade DS-2130ATS with tripod


Optical design:Newtonian reflector
Optical diameter:127mm (5.0")
Focal length; focal ratio:1000mm; f7.9
Resolving power (arc seconds):0.9
Optical coatings:Standard aluminum
Limiting visual magnitude (approximate):12.6
Maximum practical visual power:350x
Optical tube dimensions (diameter x length):6.4 x 18 inches
Eyepiece (1.25-inch diameter):MA9mm, MA25mm
Focuser:eyepiece barrel diameters
Mounting type:Altazimuth, single-tine
Motor drive system:DC servo motors with encoders, both axes, 12v DC
Slow-motion controls:Electric, 9-speed, both axes
#494 Autostar Control System:Included; 9-speed
Autostar slew speeds:2x sidereal to 4.5 degrees per second
Hemispheres of operation:North and South
Batteries (user-supplied):8 x AA
Battery life (approximate):20 hours
Viewfinder:6 x 30mm
Tube body:Steel
Mounting:Aluminum; high-impact ABS
Tripod:Aluminum; full-length; adjustable
Total telescope net weight:18 pounds