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Meade DS-90EC

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Meade DS 90 EC


Type:Achromatic refractor
Primary aperture:90mm (0.35 inches)
Focal length:1,000
Focal ratio:f11.1
Resolving power:1.3
Limiting visual magnitude:11.8
Advertised maximum power:300
Eyepiece focal length:9 and 25
Eyepiece type:MH9mm, MA25mm
Viewfinder power:6 x 30
Manual slow-motion controls:8x, 32x, sidereal; 0.75 degrees per second; 6 degrees per second
Motorized controls:Yes
Adjustable motorized speed settings:Yes
Motorized sections:Both axes
Included in box:Meade DS-90EC telescope, dual-motor electronic controller with coil cord, tripod, 9 and 25mm eyepieces, user's manual
Tube length:30 inches
Tube diameter:6 inches
Weight:15 pounds