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Panasonic PV-DV103 MiniDV Camcorder

User Manual

Operating manual
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Product Description From Amazon.com:

MultiCam camcorders feature digital camcorder and digital still camera capabilities, all in one easy-to-use camcorder.10x Hi-Definition Zoom - A zoom this powerful works like a telescope to produce close-up shots with extraordinary clarity. And with seven different zoom speeds, you can control how quick you go from a wide angle to telephoto zoom - anywhere from 2 to 22 seconds. Through advanced digital technology, the zoom ratio on our digital camcorders can be increased to 700:1, producing an incredibly, clear, close shot.EfficiBright is on the Compact Camcorders which are equipped with this built-in LED light, which adds a bright light to your subjects, giving you a better shot while preserving battery life.The 2.5" Diagonal Color LCD Monitor lets you view your subject in full color during shooting and playback through a large, 2.5" LCD screen. Digital EIS is a unique idea that helps compensate for unintentional hand and/or camcorder movement. It even reduces unwanted jitter from recordings made in a car, or while walking. The audio zooms in along with the picture, enabling you to pinpoint distant sound emanating from your subject. And Wind Noise Reduction helps to cut down on unwanted background noise.

Panasonic PVDV103


CCD: 1/6", 680K
2-in-1 MultiCam Camcorder: Yes
Mega Still Pictures (1 Million pixel still interpolation): No
Hi-Definition Zoom: 10x
Digital Zoom: 700x
Color LCD Monitor: 2.5" diag.
Viewfinder: Color
i.LINK 1 (IEEE 1394 PC Interface): Yes
PHOTOVU LINK (RS-232C Serial Connection): Yes (Still Image)
PHOTOVU LINK (USB Connection): No
USB Port: No
Electronic Image Stabilization: Dual (Rec/Play)
PhotoShot Built-in Digital Still Camera: Yes (with optional cable and software)
SD Memory Card Included: No
Progressive PhotoShot Mode: Tape Only
Picture-in-Picture: Yes
Web (camera): No
Built-in SD Drive: No
MagicPix Images (color recording in low light): Yes
Built-in Light: Yes
Quick Start: Yes
MPEG4 Movie Messenger System: No
Zoom Mic: Yes
IR Remote Control: Yes (optional)
High Speed Shutter (Auto, 1/60 - 1/8,000): Yes
Easy Cassette Eject: Yes
Digital Effects (Record and Playback): Yes
Cinema Mode: Yes
5-Mode Program AE (Auto Exposure): Yes
Audio: PCM (12-bit/16-bit)
Wind Noise Reduction: Yes
Slow/Frame Advance (with IR Remote Control): Yes
Index Search Scene/Photo (with IR Remote Control): Yes
Focus (Auto/Manual): Yes
Self Record: Yes
SP/LP Record Mode: Yes
Multi-Screen: Yes
Audio Dubbing: Yes (SP Only)
Battery and Tape Indicators: Yes
S-Video Out: No
Headphone Jack: Yes
EfficiBright LED Light: Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D): 33/8 x 25/8 x 47/8 inches
Weight: 1.01 lbs