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Panasonic PV-DM2092

User Manual

Operating manual
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Panasonic PV-DM2092

Product Description from Panasonic:
PV-DM2092 is a 20" diagonal Triple-Play TV/DVD/VCR combination with a built-in 4-head Hi-Fi VCR. With four video heads of the built-in VCR, you get dynamic, high-fidelity sound and picture quality for tapes recorded at any speed. The illuminated remote will help cut down on the number of remote controls you have lying around. It operates the numerous functions of your TV/DVD/VCR, as well as most cable/DSS boxes. Additionally, PV-DM2092 features FM radio with auto scan; optical output for DTS & Dolby Digital decoders; V-Chip parental guidance system; and more.