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Philips 60PP9363H

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Philips 60PP9363H


Screen size: 60 inches
TV type: Projection
CRTs: 7-inch liquid-cooled tubes (red, green, blue)
HDTV capable: Yes
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Speaker wattage per channel: 10 watts RMS (from 20 to 15,000 Hz +1/-3 dB, with 5 percent THD)
Number of speakers: 2 (4 x 6 inches each)
Comb filter: 3-line digital
Peak brightness: 550 ft. Lamberts
Line doubling: No
3:2 pulldown: No
Signal type: NTSC, decoded ATSC (480p, 1080i)
Protective screen guard: Yes
Picture modes: AutoPicture (choose from sports mode, movie mode, game mode, etc.)
Picture enhancements: Automatic Phosphor Aging Compensation (APAC), Active Control, Eye Fidelity, 35-point digital convergence, dynamic contrast, digital histogram, Digital Color Transient Improvement (CTI)
Multilingual menu: Yes (English, Spanish, French)
Parental control: Yes (AutoLock)
Picture-in-picture (PIP): Yes (dual-tuner)
Remote control: Universal (model RC2061/01)
SAP: Yes
Audio tone controls: Bass, treble, bass-boost circuit
VGA/SVGA input: 1 (RGB+H/V)
Audio outputs: 1 stereo analog (left/right) RCA
Audio inputs: 5 stereo analog (left/right) RCA
Video outputs: 1 (composite-video)
Video inputs: 10
Headphone jack: Yes .125-inch, side panel)
Digital video input: 1 (DVI-HDTV)
Component video: 1 (HD)
Composite video: 3
S-video: 3
RF: 1
Color temperature control: 3 positions
Front AV jacks: No
Side AV jacks: Yes
Power supply: AC 110V (+/-10 percent)
Power consumption: 180 watts (average); less than 1 watt (standby)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 56.7 inches x 59.4 inches x 27 inches
Weight: 210 pounds